3 tips to balance school and life

Bryn Gatz
April 5, 2022

Classwork, extracurriculars, sports, friendships, relationships, jobs. College can get overwhelming overnight. But, just like life, college is all about finding balance.

Get organized 

Find something to keep track of your day, whether it be a planner or calendar. If you prefer pen to paper, planners are a great way to not only keep track of homework, but also pencil in other important tasks that need to be completed.

If you prefer the electronic route, like I do, I highly recommend Google Calendar because not only is it easily accessible from a phone or laptop, other people or organizations can add things to your calendar, and you can set up reminders so keeping track of all of your responsibilities will be easier!

Fit friend time within your schedule

Have you not seen your friends or significant other in a few days? Ask them to do a task with you! Odds are they need to accomplish one of those tasks as well. Have a study date, go to the grocery store together or my personal favorite, eat dinner together in the CSL.

These are all things that would probably be done by both of you anyway, but if you can talk in the car, over dinner or while doing homework, then not only are you being productive, you're also fulfilling your social needs. Win, win!

Extracurricular activities are extra for a reason

Clubs and organizations look good on your résumé and can be really fun and stimulating for the mind. But if you’re crushed under the weight of time commitments, take a step back and look at your schedule.

You are here for your education, so class and homework cannot be erased from your plans. If you’re involved in other time-sensitive activities like sports or work, then you have to be aware of that, too.

At some point, you may want to reevaluate whether you’re involved in too many extracurricular activities and are spreading yourself too thin. I think it is wise to be involved in two or three non-educational activities, whether it be sports, clubs, Greek life or work, so that you can still have time to yourself at the end of the day.

While college, and all of the opportunities that come with it, can be a mix of exciting and stressful, it’s also totally manageable. Just be sure you are listening to your wants and needs and not overextending yourself. Enjoy the time while you can and don’t forget to leave yourself time to make memories.

Bryn Gatz

Bryn Gatz (Class of 2022) is from Sterling, Ill. She is majoring in creative writing and business administration. On campus, Bryn is involved in the Phi Rho sorority, Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority, and Her Campus.